Hemp cigarettes, CBD pre-rolls spreading like wildflower

Something interesting is happening: a new smokeable is being born.

Hemp-filled joints and cigarettes are finding their fans. Casual pot smokers are enjoying THC-free joints that offer the familiar ritual at times when the inebriating effects aren’t welcome.

Some cigarette smokers are looking to the same product as a nicotine-free tobacco cessation alternative, leaving behind nicotine patches and vape pens. In a bit of cosmic timing, the recent vape scare and subsequent bans of vape and flavored tobacco products have opened up retail shelf space for smokable hemp in convenience stores, gas stations and smoke shops throughout the country.

Also known as CBD pre-rolls, these cigarettes are made using hemp flowers rich with cannabidiol (CBD), which is now legal to produce as long as the amount of THC is limited to a trace amount of 0.3 percent or less.

Experts believe that hemp cigs act as more than just a tobacco alternative, as CBD may help smokers in providing biological support to quit.

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